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Lucasi Hybrid Jump Cue

Lucasi LHAH5W Air Hog Jump Cue

Lucasi LHAH5W Air Hog Jump Cue

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The Air Hog 5 is a must-have for every player! Featuring breakthrough technology that makes even the hardest jump shots seem effortless, and a great value price. It's no wonder this has become one of Lucasi Hybrid's top selling items since its introduction!

  • Quick-Release Uni-loc Joint
  • 13.75mm Bakelite tip with S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot for effortless jumps & greater ball control
  • Virtually indestructible Carbon Fiber Ferrule & Joint Collar for powerful jumps
  • Fusion G5 Grip with X- Dampening Technology
  • Extra lightweight butt with ergonomic flare provides an easy grip for greater control and better jumps
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